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iScanner for PC


iScanner for PC is an amazing application developed by the I Direction developing hub.

Scanning apps are being used widely all over the world. People use these scanning apps to scan their documents easily using their smartphones. These scanned documents can be used for various purposes. Like if you are applying anywhere for studies or any job and you have to send your documents to the authorities or management then you can scan your documents to send your clear documents. If you send the pictures without scanning then it may harm the quality of the picture.

There are a lot of scanning apps on the play store. On testing, the best one among them comes out to be the iScanner. Here in this post, we will tell you about the most convenient and step by step method to get iScanner on your PC. But, before proceeding to the download process let us first discuss the app and some of its features.

iScanner is the best document scanning application on the play store. The app enables you to easily scan your documents or any other picture. You can also scan your project file. The app allows you to share your scanned documents with your authorities, clients and any other management.

Let’s have a look at the features of the iScanner app.

Features of iScanner

iScanner consists of a lot of amazing features, these include scanning the documents, editing the picture, filters, document customization, saving options and sharing.

These features are as follows.

iScanner for PC

Scanning the Document

This is the basic feature of the application. This enables you to scan your document. You can scan any of your documents or any other pictures. Scan your documents to save them on your drive.

Editing the Document

The app enables you to edit your scanned document. You can change the position of the document by rotating either right or left. The app enables you to cut and trim the unwanted part in the scanned document. Use the crop option to cut the useless part of the document.


There are a lot of filters in the app. Use these filters to enhance the quality of the document. These effects include the B&W and magical filters.

Quality Customization

Customize the quality of the scanned document using different options like changing the color combination, adjusting the brightness and the use of different effects. All these options enable you to improve the quality of the document.

Saving Option

The app allows you to save the scanned documents in different formats. Save the document even in the PDF format or in the PNG and JPG image format. Use any of the formats to save the document on your device storage.


Share your scanned document with your authorities. You can send your document anywhere, where you want.

iScanner for PC

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Method to easily download iScanner on your PC

Before getting to the download process there is something that you should keep in your mind. That is, there is no direct method to this amazing app on your PC as its PC version is not announced yet. But you don’t need to worry because the android emulator made it easy for you to get iScanner on your PC.

Android emulators are the software that enables you to run any of the android app or games on your PC. A lot of android emulators are there, but on testing the best one comes out to be the bluestacks. Bluestacks is an amazing emulator that allows you to get almost all the android app on your PC easily. So, download bluestacks on your PC to enjoy an android app or game on your PC.

Installation Steps

  • Follow the following link to install the bluestacks on your PC.


  • Open and run the emulator on your PC.
  • Click on the Google Play Store icon and open it.
  • Search for the iScanner in the search bar.
  • Click on the install option.
  • Agree to the necessary licenses to install iScanner on your PC.
  • Congratulations, enjoy using the app on your PC.

That’s all. Stay tuned with Pcivy for more posts like this. Thank you.

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