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Wifi Study for PC

Wifi Study for PC is an amazing education application developed by the Digital Apps96 group of the developing industry.

In the era of this Covid-19 pandemic, all the students have borne much loss of their studies since no one was able to shut down because of the lockdown. So, thinking for the future of the students the developers reached a situation where they decided to develop an education app that can be used to get knowledge such that students remain in touch with their studies. The app helps students a lot in different ways to get knowledge of their subjects.

So if you are in search of such an amazing app to remain in touch with your studies even in the era of this pandemic, then congratulations you are at the right place. Here in this post, we will guide you the easiest way to get an amazing app on your PC so that you can easily remain in contact with your studies and easily continue your degree. This amazing app is none other than Wifi Study. Let’s have a look at the app and its features before proceeding onto the downloading process.

What is Wifi Study?

Wifi study is an amazing app that enables you to get knowledge about your studies and to get yourself prepared for your exams. The app provides you all the materials and notes according to your subjects. You can use these notes and subject materials for your exam preparations.

Wifi Study for PC

The following amazing features of the app.

Features of Wifi Study

The app comprises a lot of amazing features these include tests in different languages, previous year papers, exam tips, general knowledge, E-books, updates and notifications and others.

These features are as follows.

Tests in Different Languages

The app enables you to attempt the tests and exams in different languages that is it is up to you whether you want to attempt the test in an international language that is English or in your national language. You can choose any of the languages of your own choice.

Previous Year Papers

There are a lot of previous year papers. Students can also prepare these papers to perform well in their examinations.  These papers help students to get ideas about the paper pattern and solving these past papers helps people to manage their paper time.

Exam Tips

The app also provides tips to attend papers and exams. Students can use these tips to solve their papers easily and in a short interval of time.

General Knowledge

The app is full of general knowledge information. Students can improve their general knowledge using this app.


There are a lot of e-books in the app. These books are for reference to the student’s subjects. Students can use these books to get knowledge of their subjects.

Updates & Notification

The app updates you with the results and the upcoming papers.

Wifi Study for PC

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How to install Wifi Study on your PC?

Let’s get back to the main aim of the post that is to tell you the easiest way to get Wifi Study on your study. But, there is one thing that you should keep in your mind which is, there is no direct method to get Wifi Study on your PC. But, you don’t need to worry because the android emulator relieved you from this problem. You can use an android emulator to use any of the android app or games on your PC.

There are a lot of android emulators but the best one among them comes out to be the bluestacks. So, you can easily download and use any of the android app or games on your PC using bluestacks. Follow the following steps to install Wifi Study on your PC.

Install Wifi Study

  • Install bluestacks using the following link.


  • Open and run the emulator on your PC.
  • Open the google play store on bluestacks.
  • Add necessary account credentials.
  • Search for the Wifi Study in the search bar.
  • Click on the install option.
  • Agree to the necessary licenses to install Wifi Study.
  • Congratulations, you have got the Wifi Study on your PC.

That’s all. Stay tuned with Pcivy for more posts like this. Thank you.

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