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MAGIC VIEWER for PC is an amazing application developed by the RNC Network group of the developing industry.

People are using surveillance cameras widely nowadays. They use these cameras for the security purpose of their houses, shops, buildings and offices. In previous days these cameras can only be controlled with a device that is connected with them through some data transferring wires.

 People were not able to control these cameras from any remote location. But, in the present era developers are developing a lot of apps. These apps enabled people to control their surveillance cameras from any remote location.

If you are in search of such an amazing app then, congratulation you are at the right place. Here in this post, we will tell you the easiest and step by step method to get an astonishing surveillance camera app on your PC. This astonishing app is none other than the MAGIC VIEWER. But, before moving forward to the downloading process let us first about the app and its features.


MAGIC VIEWER is an amazing surveillance camera controlling application. This app enables you to control the surveillance camera of your house, office, shop or any other place from any remote location using your smartphone. You can easily manage all of your surveillance cameras on the app.

Let’s have a look at the app’s features.


Features of MAGIC VIEWER

The app is enriched with a lot of exciting features. These include live channels, app gallery, snapping & recoding, device list management, P2P connection, adding\removing Settings and Features.

Let us have a look at these features.

Live Streaming

This is the amazing feature of the app that provides you a 24/7 live streaming of what is happening in front of your camera on your smartphone. You can see what is going on there in front of the camera any you want.

Snapping & Recording

This feature enables you to take snaps of any moment happening in front of your surveillance camera. If you find something odd happening on your camera then, you can take pictures so that you can use them as proof in the future. You can also record videos of any weird moment so that you can share it with others as proof.

App Gallery

The app consists of its own gallery vault. You can save your snaps and recorded videos in this vault. The vault enables you to view these pictures and recordings anytime you want.

Device List Management

If you are using more than one surveillance camera in your house or office, then you can easily manage all these cameras on your smartphone easily. The app enables you to have live streaming from all of your cameras on your smartphone’s screen at the same time. So, you can easily manage your all devices at once.

Adding\Removing Features and Settings

You can manage the settings and features of the app on your own choice. The app allows you to add or remove any feature or the setting that you are not liking in the app.


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Method to download MAGIC VIEWER on your PC using Bluestacks

Let’s get back to the main aim of the post, which is to guide you the easiest way of getting MAGIC VIEWER on your PC. But, there is one thing that you keep in mind that there is no direct method to get the MAGIC VIEWER on your PC as its PC version is not launched yet. But you don’t need to worry, because there is an alternate method that helps you to get this app on your PC.

This alternate method is the use of an android emulator. Android emulator enabled you to run any android app or game on your PC by mimicking your smartphone’s function on your PC. The best one emulator for is Bluestacks. So, first, install bluestacks on your PC to enjoy any android app on your PC.

Installation Steps

  • Open the link given below to install bluestacks.


  • Open and run the emulator.
  • Open google play store.
  • Search for Magic Viewer on the search bar.
  • Click on the install option.
  • Allow the necessary licenses to install the app.
  • Start using Magic Viewer on a larger screen of your PC.

That’s all. Stay in touch with Pcivy for more posts like this. Thank you.

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